Date de parution : 2009
Collection de fèves dieppoises présentée par le groupe folklorique " Les Polletais " - 76200 Dieppe.
Traduction anglaise du texte contenu sur le carton de présentation des fèves.
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English translation of the text contained on the fève presentation card.
"Dieppe Fish - Fish of Choice" 2008

As every year, the Dieppe heritage is in the spotlight with the exclusive Kings beans created by the house "Midgard".

Both festive and fun, these fève will make you discover one of the riches of the City and its port that are the fish of the English Channel which made fishing glory and the sailors of the "City in other ports".

The fish King of Dieppe; the "herring" that is fished in the fall near the coasts, that is grilled, smoked, marinated, in sticks, fillet or puffed; the "sole", the "carrelet" and the "raie", these flat fish sought after by fine gourmets; the bright-eyed "mackerel"; and of course, the "cod" that the Polletais sailors were going to look for on the big shore at a time when they were still fishing in Newfoundland..

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